How do I order?

Please just contact me via the website or facebook or email and I can discuss your commission including suitable photos, what sort of composition or sizing you would like and suitable reference photos.  We can also discuss suitable frame options if you would like.  Please refer to my standard Conditions.

Have you got an social media presence?

Yep. I update my Facebook regularly under the name @anniesequinepainting  Here you will find even more examples, reviews etc. so please have a look.

Do you paint all animals?

Yes all pet animals can be painted! I specialise in horses however I love to capture all animals be that dogs,  cows, sheep, cats and anything more unusual!

Do I have to pay all in one go?

Nope! If it is easier for you, I allow you to pay in a number of instalments over a number of weeks, only a 10% deposit is initially payable.  Please refer to my standard Conditions.

Can I see my painting as it develops?

Definitely yes, I try and send regular updates as I'm painting to check you are happy with how your painting evolves.

Can you do complex backgrounds?

If they compliment the picture and are something I feel I could achieve to a high standard, yes. See the example of the beach commission in my gallery.  I may need to charge extra for this but would discuss with you and it can sometimes bring out the best in a portrait!

Is it just head portraits or can it be whole body?

Whilst I prefer to just paint the portrait, I can do both! 

Do I paint in Oils?

Yes I can paint in oils instead of acrylic; please contact me for bespoke pricing and timescale.  Prices will typically be significantly greater than acrylic and timeframes would normally be 6 months + to allow for sufficient time for both oil paint and varnish to dry.  So if you'd like an oil painting for that extra special present, please contact me well in advance! 

How much is world wide shipping generally?

It can cost from £10 to up to approx £50 depending on portrait size and destination! Mainland UK is typically about £6 to £20 depending upon canvass size and whether it is framed or unframed.  For overseas, I can post as a rolled plain canvass in a tube (un-stretched) for you to take to a framer to re-stretch and frame in the destination country.  This can save on potage, especially for larger paintings. 

How should I hang my painting?

I typically supply smaller canvases with a fitted "crocodile tooth" hanger for you to hang on a normal picture pin or similar.  For paintings where you've asked me to supply and fit a frame, I normally fit a D-ring hanger with picture string/wire for fitting over a picture hook or hanger.  Height of display is up to you, but the normal rule of thumb for paintings is to try and display so that the centre of the finished painting is 57 inches above the floor (which corresponds to average eye height).  Then stand back and enjoy!